Rare Classic Stamps has been built for the Serious Collector in mind, centred mainly on the GB Stamp Market with most stamps presented on this site being typically over 50 years old.

At Rare Classic Stamps you will find Quality Stamps that come from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. The stamps shown on our site range from Unmounted Mint Condition to Very Fine Used.

We have a great collection of useful stamp catalogues, stamp albums and stamp accessories available from our Online shop.

With a number of Stamp Dealers trading in Great Britain Stamps, we have a directory to assist you find the Specialists who can supply the stamps you require for your collection.

Stamps from Victoria to Elizabeth II

As mentioned you will find on Rare Classic Stamps Quality Stamps that come from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, with the stamps shown on our site ranging from Unmounted Mint Condition to those being in Very Fine Used Condition.

For Queen Victoria we have Line Engraved as well as Surface Printed Stamps, starting with the Penny Black right through to the 1887 Jubilee Definatives of 1887.

With King Edward VII, we have a number of different shades across a range of definatives from both 1902 and 1910 printings, along with both normal and chalky paper stamps.

For King George V we cover the definatives of 1912 and 1924 but also show Seahorses from 1913, 1915, 1918 and 1934, with Waterloo, Bradbury Wilkinson and De La Rue Printings and shades. The first GB Commemorative stamps were the Wembley Stamps from both 1924 and 1925, which make an essential appearance in any GB collection.

With King Edward VIII only a few denominations exist from this short reigned King.

For King George VI there are a number of different definative stamp sets including the 1937 Dark Colours Set and those of the Light Colour and Changed Colour Definative Sets. One of the best know commemoratives is the One Pound 1948 Silver Wedding. George V has other interesting High Values with the Square and Festival High Value Definative Stamp Sets.

And Finally With Queen Elizabeth II the 1950's and 1960's saw many commemorative sets from the 1953 Coronation to Se-Tenet strips of sets like the Battle of Britain and the Ships Commemorative set. Definative stamps include the Graphite and Phosphor issues as well as inverted and sideways watermarked stamps.

Stamp Dealer Directory

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